Happy New Year to all MJ Lovers!!

  1. I really feel this year has been a good year for the MJ sub-forum. I feel so blessed and priveleged to share my passion for MJ with all of you wonderful ladies (and some gents!)!!! I wish all of you a happy, healthy new year with loads of new MJ bags!!!

    :heart::heart:Happy New Year!!:heart::heart:
  2. Good post luvpurses :tup: I've only been a member here for a little over a month - but you girls (and guys) have been so great! And helped me almost double my MJ collection. I love you...my wallet however, does not. Actually, he does, it's a ZC you guys helped me find on sale! Haha! Anyway, Happy New Year everyone. Have a safe night and a healthy new year :balloon:
  3. Happy New Year to a great bunch of people,who help me make it through the day!!!
  4. ^^You're too sweet!! See, this is why I love this forum!!! I replied to your post...:yes:
  5. Happy New Years to you, Cheryl, and all the other lovely ladies here in the MJ forum. It certainly has been a very active year here in the forum.
  6. Happy New Years!!! May everyone get the MJ of their dreams in the New Year!
  7. Happy New Year to all of you wonderful ladies. Thank you for all your help, information, and support on making the most crucial decisions (which bags to buy, use, etc. Haha). Til the 2008 sales! :smile:
  8. I joined the purse forum in march 2007 and I've made a lot of great friends here on the marc jacobs sub forum. Wanted to wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year; and many mj bags in 2008 :smile:
  9. Happy New Year to all my fellow MJ-lovers! I've been a PF member for a little over a year, but just made my way into the MJ sub-forum about 2 months ago. It had been a while since I bought a new MJ bag, but you ladies (and gents!) reminded me what it is I love about MJ bags and rekindled my romance!!

    Hope 2008 brings many new bags and bargains into all of our closets - and may you all have a very safe, Happy New Year!

  10. woooohoooo Happy new year tpf!!:yahoo:
  11. Thank you, I'm so glad I found this forum!
  12. Happy New Year to everyone... and here's to more MJ purchases in 2008!!:happydance:
    I've learned alot (and made some purchases) hanging out in the MJ subforum and everyone is so nice and willing to help!! You all are great!!
  13. I would also like to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year!!:drinkup: Many thanks for all of the information you have given me.:flowers:
    You guided me through the purchase of my first MJ and I am greatful!! Now I have another on the way...:party:
    2008 will be the year I find my Stam, after building back the "bag fund" of course.;)
    Thanks for being so nice and helpful, You Rock!!:rochard:
  14. Happy New Year! I am so grateful for 2007 because that's when I stumbled upon TPF and found my purse soul mates! I wish you all the best for 2008 and to your growing collection of MJ! I :heart:TPF forever!