Happy New Year ! My new love from Paris

  1. I just back from Paris for the NY holiday. There was not any exciting for the purse when I went to few Chanel Shops as all the bags had been seen before. When I plannned to give up my shopping but my eyes were brightened by a star at Rue Du Faubourg. The SA told me that was the S/S '08 model and just arrived their shop only 2 days. It was the last one and 2 in Mettalic Black still remained, I couldn't do anything but just show her my credit card. Here is my new love -

  2. Congrats! Your the first lucky gal to own a s/s 08 flap. A bit like the perforated range.
  3. Congrats!! She looks good on you! I know what you mean when you could do nothing but hand your card over LOL!!!!!!
  4. :nuts: Congrats! :love: the chain, wonder how's metallic black ......
  5. wow! VERY cute!!! congrats!!! :smile: It looks REALLY good on you!!!
  6. Happy New Year too and congrats! I love the combo with the new/bijoux chain with the gold perforated lock and silver turn lock in particular!
    It looks nice on you!!
  7. Wow - can you post more details?

    The bag looks fab on you! Good choice!:tup:
  8. Wow!!!!!!!! Chanel is really mixing it up this season! I love the two different hardware colors. Congrats on your purchase!
  9. Congrats! It's a nice color!
  10. ohhhh... that's is cuuuuute! I love the size and it looks fabulous on you. It's so modern yet slouchy and not pretentious at all! I love bags that you could wear on a night out but that look great with jeans and a t as well :tup:
  11. all i can say is WOW! now i'm dreaming of the metallic black one! could you please give us some more details? pretty please!
  12. oo it's beautiful!!! congrats
  13. I like the combination of the silver and gold hardware, congrats!
  14. wow! ~ really different! ~ i like it! ~ enjoy your gorgeous souvenir from Paris :love:
  15. Very nice..it looks great on you, Congrats!!