Happy New Year.. I saw new things at Century City

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  1. I just got back from the Century City,California LV and they had all the new things on display. I was not expecting to see anything since the official release date is tomorrow. I was very surprised when they had the new purple Vernis and the Damier Berkeley out on display. They also had a new style dog carrier and a new gold key ring that had a dog bone, bowl and house on it. They had it attached to new dog carrier.

    I looked at the price of the new purple Roxbury and it is the same prices as the Pomme one.

    I also asked about a price increase but no one there had heard anything about it.
  2. Thanks for the info!!!! How did the berkley look, I want the azur, but im afraid its too small.
  3. Thank you for the info! I also saw the new keychain with the dog bone, too, this time in the silver. Also saw the new dog carrier, too. Both are cute. Can't wait to see all the new vernis and epi colors!
  4. Hmm... I wonder if my LV has any of these new items? :nuts:
  5. The Berkeley looked nice but when I tried it on it did not fit as a shoulder bag but it was almost to big as a handbag. I would have loved it with a little longer straps.
  6. wow..they are open on New Years Day? that's impressive!
  7. Hmm, maybe we will be spared the price increase for awhile?
  8. The straps on the Berkley are replaceable so you can proably order the straps from the Tivoli GM to make the Berkley a shoulder bag
  9. LOL im in Canada too and this is the first thing that struck me!! Thats awesome, all the stores here are closed today and I think most are closed tomorrow also!
  10. Thanks for the info. I called a couple of LV stores and the stand alone boutique are closed today, but the ones inside the department stores/malls were open.

    I saw the Azur Berkley yesterday at my LV store and it is beautiful with the brass LV plate. However, I am concerned that there is too much vachetta and it will look too weathered against the Azur. I might hold out for the Azur Hamstead or get the Saleya.

  11. Century City is my favorite store!!! I wasn't sure if they would be open today, so I stayed home instead and cleaned my house! Did you notice if they had any grey PM inclusions on display? My SA is suppose to call me (again) when a new shipment comes in.... Looking forward to seeing the new Berkley in person.
  12. Went to LV at Ala Moana in Hawaii today and saw the same items that you did. The new Violet Vernis is beautiful and I am not even a fan of purple. Wasn't a fan of the Berkley--it was much smaller than I thought it would be, but did love the new dog carrier. Very, very cute. Hawaii had its price increase since 12/26. I guess we're not so lucky after all.
  13. I hope they have the new purple vernis for us to see in Pennsylvania when we meet on the 13th! Sounds gorgy!

  14. I did not notice any inclusion stuff, but I was not looking for it.
  15. Happy New Year to you! Thanks for the info, can't wait to get my berkeley and to see the new vernis color irl!