Happy New Year from DIOR ( and me ) ! :)

  1. just got that and thought i would share ... we still have two days to go but why not start partying now and wish all of us a crazy cool fantastic New Year, filled with love, laughter, fun and BAGS!

    hugs to all of you, chicas ! :heart:
    hny.JPG champagne.jpg
  2. Happy New Year Babe!

    All the best for 2008 - may we all get rich and buy all the Dior we want in the world!!!!
  3. Happy new year to you too, sweetie =)
    and may the bag gods shine on us tpfer, esp on Dior:nuts::nuts:
  4. how sweet - happy new year to you too and everyone here :smile: :smile:

    omg jeslyn - is that a toy yorkie??? sooooooo cute!
  5. Happy New Year to you,
    And when the new year’s done,
    May the next year be even better,
    Full of pleasure, joy and fun.

    To all a happy new year, 2008 will be the best yet!

  6. ^ that's such a brilliant greeting from Dior (and from you too, Nattie!)

    Happy New Year in advance to my fellow Dior addicts. ;) May it be filled with more diors, diors and DIORS - and i don't just mean bags, but shoes, accessories and CLOTHES!!! :drool:
  7. Happy New year everyone!!! :drinkup::party::tpfrox::dots:

    Nataliam-a special thank you to you, for being so warm and friendly :smile: Hope the New Year brings you lots of Dior!!!
  8. Happy new year everyone :heart:

    &#26032;&#24180;&#12362;&#12417;&#12391;&#12392;&#12358;&#12288;&#12372;&#12374;&#12356;&#12414;&#12377; <= In Jap
    Sawasdee-Pea-Mai &#3626;&#3623;&#3633;&#3626;&#3604;&#3637;&#3611;&#3637;&#3651;&#3627;&#3617;&#3656; 2551 <= In Thai

    Hope you will have a great year this year :flowers:

  9. hear hear.. Zero!!!

    I gone Dior make-up crazy and I got a few more bags in the sale and a ring.... looking for some shoes now .... :drool:
  10. and where are the pics???:lecture:!!!
  11. Happy New Year and thanks babe !:heart:
  12. Happy New Year to all lovely Dior Ladies!!!!
    *hugs hugs hugs**
  13. Happy New Year ladies!
  14. Happy New Year.