Happy New Year Everyone !!!

  1. Ok Chloe ladies, just took a peek at the Mulberry forum ( well I've still got a couple of Mulberrys left from my old collection before I fell in :heart: with Chloe, so I occasionally drift over to their club)..anyway, those gals are all busy wishing each other a Happy New Year and comparing what they'll be doing when 2008 rolls in, so I thought I'd start a similar thread over here....so wishing you all a HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR - here's to lots more fun & games here in our exclusive support group (and many,many shiny new acquisitions to photograph and discuss over the next 12 months).

    Here in the UK, we're about 15 mins away from midnight now and what will I be doing when the clock strikes midnight ? Well DH has already gone to bed (he was woken by the kids at 5.30 am this morning, so fair enough),I'm going to fill up my hot water bottle in a moment (it's freezing here), make sure the kids are warmly tucked in, put the cat out, have one last chocolate and then turn in. As you can tell, we're quite the party animals in this house :lol:! Hope whatever you're doing, you're seeing the old year out with a smile. See you in 2008. Good night and God Bless:smile: xxx
  2. I think it's just me and you Tag! I tried to start a similar thread but everybody must be getting ready to go out or they are already dancing or they are asleep. Happy New Year Bay girlfriend!! (It is 6:01 here now...)
  3. Add me too! Happy New Years Ladies:drinkup:!!!! I'm not getting ready to go anywhere but to the grocery store to grab dinner:girlsigh:. No babysitter means no party:true:. So I guess I will be partying on TPF all night:party:!
  4. Hey Div, just saw your post re:New Year's Eve & have left you a response ;)x
  5. I will actually be missing you guys after I leave in an hour or so. Susie is going out to dinner in Quincy Illinois. My restaurant will be very hip with lots of young people. Yuck.
  6. Hip, young people...double yuck:yucky::yucky: ( but I'm sure you'll out-glam them all my dear:yes:).
  7. One likes to think she still has it in her. Alas - the world is being overtaken by the varmints.
  8. ...and Argentinian rats :smile:
  9. LOLOL!!! touche my dear! Susie's right. Without tails they seem a lot less icky. Can't say I'd ever put a leash on one, though...
  10. Tagullah - Thanks for the warm wishes for the new year!

    Happy new year Chloe lovers!!!
  11. Happy New Year! Best wishes. May all of our Chloe dreams come true in the coming year!
  12. Happy new year everyone...:flowers:

    I am spending the night at home mostly on TPF....was supposed to go to a friend's house for a gathering but lazied out of it......
  13. ^Mona!Don't do that next year! (DH is reading over my shoulder. Gotta run...)
  14. Happy New Year everyone from the 'new kid'! We still have a couple hours here in Boston, but I'm safely home in my Jammies!
  15. :balloon: :drinks: :drinkup: :party: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :party: :drinkup: :drinks: :balloon: