Happy New Bag! Tod's Paro Shopping Media

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  1. Hi everyone! I did it, I bought the paro shopping media in light blue!!! Am bugging my husband to take a picture now.
  2. minicoop what a great choice!!!!!!!
  3. ooooohhhhh pics!!! :biggrin:
  4. Here she is! Plus some shots of me holding it (I removed half of the paper stuffed in the bag so that you can see how it will fall.) I think the media is just right for me. (I'm 5'4") The grande was huge!

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  5. wow
  6. Lucky girl! Looks wonderful on you...now I really can't wait to go to Tod's in NYC in 2 weeks!
  7. I really like that. It looks wonderful on you!
  8. Thanks! I saw some of the other new colours like denim and lemone in the other styles. The denim looked really nice -- they only had it in the carey sacca grande in denim though. But they had a Kate Media in smooth leather -- looked almost like the vachetta of LV, maybe a tad bit darker. It was gorgeous!
  9. Wow, congratulations Minicoop!!! I second the comments made here by Suli......can't wait to be in NYC myself! The darker color you saw like the LV vachetta must have been their brandy color.....I'm just dying to see it in person! Since you saw the lemone color, was it "really" yellow after all? Anyways, I'm so happy for you and your new bag!:biggrin:

  10. Nice, it's a good sized bag!
  11. It is the most beautiful shade of blue! Great choice!
  12. Hi Soybean (or as I like to call you, a naughty influence :biggrin: ) the lemone seemed a bit too bright yellow for me. Definitely lemony. I would have liked a lighter, softer shade. I also can't wait til you go the NYC then we can see what you do eventually decide to bring home!
  13. The two of you should wear something distinctive, like hold a red rose or something while shopping in Tod's NYC, so that you will know that it's one another! :lol:
  14. hehe:amuse: Mini (you probably missed these comments from an earlier thread)... Suli will know it me when she sees the crazy women tucking away bags underneath the big coat;):P

  15. Good thing it's winter then..