Happy Mother's Day!

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    Many of you may have wondered where I have been in the past few days and my simple answer to you is spending time with two of the best women in the world, my mother and grandmother. After the most hectic and long flight experience ever (delayed flight, overnight stay in Philadelphia, $200 room + cab fares on top of expensive ticket, etc), I made it down to South Florida to spend time with my family. I am not a mother yet, but when I am one I hope I can be like my mother. So for all of you wonderful mothers out there, Vlad and I would like to wish you a warm and great Mother's Day.

    I made my mother and grandmother breakfast and then we all went to church and are going to go get drinks at a club we belong to. Tonight we are having a wonderful family dinner and then giving gifts. I will have pictures later of the beauty that my mom is going to get!!

    Today is about the mom's so we can all post what goodies we are giving or receiving (if we are the wonderful mom). So far the forum is showing some of the beauties mom's have received so far. Go on over and check out...

    Jill's Mother's Day Purse Cake!

    Japster's gorgeous flowers and some of the other ladies gifts

    Again a very Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!!! You deserve lots of love and family time today :flowers:
  2. Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

    I can't see my mum today because there was a little crisis with my dad's business and she's handling it since he's outta town. Sad! I hope you're all enjoying your day!!!
  3. I just talked to my mom a few mintues ago. She is having a nice mother's day. My daughter sent her a card, too, which she thought was sweet. There is a huge swarm of bees on one of the trees in her back yard, so she is going to call the extension office tomorrow to find a beekeeper to come take them. Also, every mother's day, my brother cleans out the fish pond in the back yard for her, and this year, they rented a big pump to pump out the old water and muck. It went so much faster, my mom was tickled!

    My daughter called me and sent me a gift (which hasn't arrived yet), and my younger one is cleaning the whole house for me today! My husband took me out for breakfast, and we are going on a long bike ride today. the weather is beautiful, and I'm loving life!

    Happy Mother's Day to all you other mothers! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    love, Pippi:flowers:
  4. Happy Mother's Day to you all!
  5. Have a fun time Megs!! I wish I had known you were stuck overnight in Philly..its only 20 mins away from me.....I would have picked you up and you could have stayed with us!! I would have loved to have met you in person!! Have a great stay! and tell your mom she did a GREAT job raising such a sweetie!
  6. Happy Mother's Day to the moms here! :heart: Hope you all have a wonderful day.
  7. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!!! Megs--that sounds like such a nice time especially after the travel problems!!!!
  8. Megs you are so sweet~ Happy mothers day to all!
  9. happy mother's day to all the mothers out there on pf!!
  10. Happy Mother's Day! :heart:
  11. Aw thanks so much!!!! It was the longest weirdest travel experience ever. The airline sent me on my way to Philly and guaranteed that I would make my connection, but I was no where near making it! Then all the airport hotels were booked. I ended up taking a cab to downtown Philly and stayed at the Double Tree, right across from the performing arts center. It was actually lovely and the city is great- but I was up and ready to go again at 8 am! Next time I will keep you in mind :flowers:

    Does that mean I would have gotten to see the amazing purse cake up close and personal!?!? :roflmfao:
  12. ^^YEP! LOL! Next time you are around this area...you will definatley have to visit!( EVEN IF ITS LAST MINUTE...LET ME KNOW!!)
  13. Aww, Megs, you were a mere 5 blocks from my apartment! I wish I had known, I could have shown you around Philly a little bit. Hope you enjoyed what you saw of the city!