Happy Mother's Day!!

  1. Just want to say Happy Mothers Day to all my freinds from around the world. You guys make me smile when my kids are driving me nuts. This is the best getaway I have. Thanks for everything!!! I love you all.
  2. Thank you! Happy Mothers Day too all the mommies!
  3. Thanks, Baggaholic! I just logged on and am sitting here with my cup of coffee enjoying the quiet and saw you're sweet post. I only have one kid and she's still asleep so life is blessed at this moment....

    Happy Mother's Day, dear friends!
  4. Happy mothers day to you too!and all the other pf moms.
  5. Yes, Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone!
  6. Same here!
  7. Happy Mothers Day to you all as well! Sending everyone big hugs!
  8. Happy Mother's Day to all you Hermès-loving mommies (and to all others too) around the world!

    Here's a champagne toast for you guys!
  9. Happy Mother's Day to all the PF mommies! You deserve the best day:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  10. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful PF mommies out there!!! :biggrin:
  11. Cheers to moms here!
  12. Even though I'm a bit late on this, HAPPY Mother's Day to you all..!!!! and thanks for existing...;) :heart:
  13. Happy Mothers' Day to all the mommies out there!!!

    It's such a great joy to have kids & experience how is it like having your child in your womb when you're pregnant.

    To all the mommies out there: How many of you missed the joy of being pregnant? Hope you all don't mind sharing....
  14. ^I may be one of the few out there, but I don't miss being pregnant at all!

    Hope everyone had a fine mother's day!