Happy Mother's Day, Toki Moms!!!

  1. Hope all you mommys out there have a great day and hopefully you get some good Toki gifts! :yes:

    I'm glad Mother's Day came when it did. I think I saved myself some guilt! Hahahaah yesterday I bought a canguro online... such an impulse buy.. and I was scared to tell the hubby that I spend MORE money on Tokidoki but since today is MY day, I figure i'll casually let him know that he and my daughter bought it for me for Mother's Day!! Hahahahahaha i'm sure he won't mind since he told me to order a momobella necklace for myself for this special day.... i'll just add to his order and thank him kindly when it comes!:yahoo:
  2. I didn't get any toki today but I DID get an awesome pink sony cybershot camera gift set today & Benefit "Maybe Baby" cologne for mother's day from my hubby and sons!!! I was really spoiled today! I've already started using my new camera and its just awesome!
  3. Hehe. Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there who are mommies.
  4. Happy Mothers Day to al the Toki Mommys :smile:

  5. Yes, happy toki mother's day to you all :biggrin:
  6. I got an Edible Arrangement bouquet & a gigantic helium balloon for mother's day :love: from my Hubby & son. Soo happy.
  7. Happy Happy Toki Mother's Day! :smile:
  8. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! i hope you enjoy your special day :biggrin:
  9. happy mother's day to all you mommys out there! :smile:
  10. Happy Mother's Day! ​

    My mom is a Toki-loving mom and she loved the spiaggia stellina my siblings and I gave her. So much in fact, she changed bags immediately upon receipt (she had been using an inferno stellina) and wore it home.
  11. Happy Mother's Day to all the Toki-Moms out there !!
  12. Haha, it's not Toki related but I got my mom the Zombie Survival Guide!
  13. I LOVE the edible arrangements! Aren't the fruits on the arrangements so sweet and perfect! Oooh i'm craving some now! The only thing I don't like about them is that you have to take them apart fairly quickly unless you have a lot of room in your fridge.
  14. Happy Mother's Day mommies!
  15. Happy Mothers Day :biggrin: