Happy Mothers Day! This was my gift this am!!! One hint - Cambridge!!

  1. My awesome hubby and kids got me this for mothers day today. 13 inch Cambridge Satchel in white and even the dust bag is cool!

    I look like a hot mess - still in my gown.. Lol!

    Yes I did already stick my iPad in there!

    Hope every one has a Happy Mothers Day!!!!

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    image-3692198365.jpg image-306004895.jpg image-2821045852.jpg image-3734792695.jpg image-1296951227.jpg image-4096675584.jpg
  2. So pretty! Happy Mothers Day!
  3. It looks fabulous on you! :woohoo: Happy Mother's Day! :flowers:
  4. Great! Happy Mother's Day!!!
  5. Amazing, it looks great on you!

    Hmm I just checked out their website and was please to see the make a version that would fit my macbook, desperately seeking alternative laptop bags, hehe. Thanks for posting.
  6. Thank you all! I love it.. It will be nice to wear her down a bit and break her in! She fits my iPad. I am excited to use her soon. I do love the white color too.

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  7. Beautiful! I can see you smiling behind the camera. :smile:
  8. Happy mothers day!
  9. Lol! Yes I was. Still smiling too!

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  10. Awesome getting something you want, and happy mothers day! Can I send my DH over to yours for training?
  11. Lmao! Thank you! Lucky for my the W Hotel shop is right below where my DH works so he went to check them out and score! I had sent him some links on the Cambridge Satchel and he liked them too. Sure thing. Send him on over!!! ;)

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  12. Handsome bag!!! Looks great on you! Happy Mother's day!!!
  13. Very nice! Happy mothers day !
  14. Aw, that was so sweet! I can see how happy you were by your smile! CONGRATS and Happy Mother's Day to you!:flowers:
  15. such a creative dust bag :smile: