Happy Mother’s Day! Marcie on her way to me!

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  1. I bought a medium Marcie in nut!
    The medium Marcie! Can’t wait!
  2. IMG_4360.JPG
  3. Happy Mother’s Day and congrats on the Marcie! It’s a terrific everyday bag. I love mine!
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  4. Marcie is dragging her feet! Supposed to arrive today! Says arriving late now! Boo Hoo!
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  5. Exciting! Hope it comes soon. Just gifted myself a medium Marcie saddle bag in cashmere grey. I have been wanting it for years and love it so far as an everyday bag. Most of my splurges are for special occasion bags, so it is nice to have one to use regularly. Enjoy!
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  6. It’s here! On my way to post office to pick her up!
  7. IMG_4367.JPG
    Isn’t she beautiful!
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