Happy Mother's Day...Anyone Get Any LV?

  1. Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!!!!!!!!!

    So...did your kids or DH/SO surprise you with any LV??

    Do share :yes:

    I'm not a Mom (unless my dog counts)...so none for me today :smile:
  2. Got nothing LV...except a kiss from my dog:graucho::heart:!!
  3. He surprized me with a business card holder to match the Bh I got last week. It was very sweet because he went by himself . He has no clue about what I have and don't have. Which I didn't know until he called me from Lv asked which wallet I had and hung up.
  4. i did, i did!! but i got it for myself..definitely not a mom yet!
  5. Rensky, What did you get?
  6. I got my baby below in my signature! Definitely worth the wait. Happy Mother's Day to everyone - even mother's of dogs!
  7. im not a mom :sad: but i am bidding on a Red Epi coin purse on eBay :biggrin: ends in 5 mins
  8. happy mother day!!! In France it's june 3 so I have to wait...
  9. Well my new shawl is actually from my kids for Mother's Day. I got it a day early though...and picked it out...not to much of a surprise there. LOL!!
  10. Happy Mothers Day! I got myself four LV gifts, one from each of my children. Beverly MM, Poch. Clefs Epi Rouge Nm, Sweet Monogram pendant, and an epi red bucket purse from Let trade which will get here next week.
  11. Happy Mother's Day! actually, I suprised my DH with a request of wanting a new bag and he agreed:yahoo: , got a Beverly MM which I am so in loooove:heart: , and bouquet of roses and tulips:smile:
  12. Just a quick post to add pic. of my Mother's Day goodies, didn't know how to edit my previous post.
  13. COngrats all you Moms!!!!!!!!!
  14. My mom got a Polka Dot Bowly in Denim, a few weeks ago. That was her mother's day gift. :smile:
    She also got the Stratus PM a few days ago.
    I bet that counts as a gift, too!
  15. ^^ wow!! nice gifts!!