HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Anyone get a new bag?

  1. Hope everyone's having a great Mom's Day!

    So, anyone get a nice new bag as a gift?
  2. I didn't get anything but I gave my mom a patent Saks 5th tote for work :p
  3. I gave MYSELF a Tano sexbomb! lol! My hubby and I went to dinner last night, and he said, "uh, I thought that, and the flowers I gave you consituted your gift." I said, "honey, I can't carry either of those on my arm." lol! I cannot WAIT to get it - it's the cobalt blue color!
  4. Mothers day was back in march over here..... but I still treated myself to a Kooba Brynne today, just to show my support to my fellow american mum tPfers :graucho:
  5. I bought myself a Botkier Sasha duffle in pudding, I can't wait to get it.
  6. I just clicked "place order now," and I'm not even a mom! I got Anna Corinna mini city tote in black. It will be here by Wednesday, whoo hoo!
  7. lol how considerate of you!!
  8. What happened to the official purse ban until Jan of 2008? :rolleyes:

    By the way, I love the dancing pic!
  9. I didn't get a bag, but I gave my mom a nice, new, black Hamptons signature Coach purse. It just so happened that she was visiting relatives when I caught up to her to give her the gift, and her sisters totally "Ooohed" and "Ahhhed" over it! I was worried about it being too small, but she said it was just the right size!

  10. haha halzer i see the purse ban is going fantastically well for you :smile: hehe
  11. I gave my mom a Hayden Harnett Les Fleur clutch. She liked it.
  12. I'd luv to hear about it when you get it, and see a picture or two. I was torn between that bag & a Gustto Setela, and I ended up getting the Gustto - - it should be here Tuesday.

    That was my Mother's Day gift to myself - the Gustto and a Gryson Olivia, which I lucked out with on eBay. Both should be here Tuesday!! Can't wait:yahoo:
  13. I am getting a gucci pelham. It was ordered last week and is supposed to get here tomorrow. Can't wait.
  14. ^^^that's the bag i was going to get!!! but i decided on a Gerard Darel black leather satchel. I would love to see pics when it arrives!
  15. I will post a review and pics when I get it, I saw your Olivia it is beautiful.