Happy Memorial Day everyone!

  1. If you know any Veterans, please thank them for their service tomorrow. My father in law has two purple hearts and was at Pearl Harbor. My nephew is getting ready to leave for his second stint in Iraq. I was also a U.S. Marine for 4 years as well. Thank you to all the people who have served and died for our freedoms! In spite of my feelings about our current 'situation' I still appreciate the service of others!

  2. I so agree, Roo! My family has a long long military history. But I do think that this day goes beyond that. For any of us who have the freedoms we enjoy today, it is because of someone (not just the US military) made an ultimate sacrifice for their beliefs.
  3. I don't know if I would use the word happy, to us it is a somber day of rememberance.
  4. So should I have posted "Sad Memorial Day Everyone"? :rolleyes:
  5. Wow Roo, you were in the Marine Corps! Thank you! I am always impressed with girls in the MC. My hubby Nathan use to be an arty officer so he never worked with girls now he is with intel and he has girls with him all over the place not to mention his boss now is a girl, I should say Woman shouldn't I? Especially referring to a Lt Col! I am always in awe!

    Yes, I am so greatful that we have had so many men and women that have served for our great country. We are so lucky to have their sacrifices! Nathan just finished his 3rd tour in Iraq and I am so excited that he is home safe and for my birthday (1st one in 6 years!) We have lost many friends in the last few years and we will remember them today and always

    Again, THANK YOU to all that have and do serve.

    Freedom is not free and I hope no one takes that for granted!

    Happy Memorial Day to all...
  6. No, it is not SAD Memorial Day. (though I sit here crying)...

    Yes, it is a day of rememberance but I am sure those that fought for our country do not want us to be sad for them.

    We have to remember their COURAGE and COMMITMENT to our country: our America, our people, especially the futures of our children.

    We must remember them, for all that they were, thank them, and smile for they died for our future! That is what they would have wanted!
  7. Thanks ilia! The military paid for my education so I am happy I was given that opportunity! (It also taught me a little discipline too!)

    Many thanks to your hubby too, artillery is a hard gig! My father in law was gunner's mate himself in the Navy in WW2 and saw LOTS of action in the south pacific.