Happy Memorial Day (Early)! Go to Coach Outlet!

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  1. On a serious note,

    My father spent his life in the military and I acknowledge the importance of Memorial Day.

    That said, it also means that the San Marcos Coach outlet might have some deals!

    I picked up the hot pink top handle pouch last week and am going to use it as a makeup case/boost bag. They only had about five of them and they sold out as soon as they were put on the floor. I saw one with the white lining today, which was pretty too, but I love that the hot pink reminds me of the sig stripe punch color. Very similar.

    I got the flower wristlet for my sister for her birthday and the mini skinny for me. Great prices ,too! The mini skinny was $23 and change and the wristlet was $35.

    They had some of the canvas slim flaps, a few optic signature hobos and a lot of the pebbled leather handbags. I saw some gorgeous purple optic signature large hobos with the applique bee...really gorgeous and go perfect for summer. I'm still thinkin' about that one.

    They also had the koi fish, the patent leather red phone and lots of other charms. If you're close by, you should stop in b/c they are stocked up!:yahoo:

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  2. CUTE CUTE CUTE! Love that pouch and accessories! Congrats!
  3. I am getting ready to go to the outlet right now!!! I hope my outlet has the flower wristlet! I LOVE IT!!

    Congrats on your great deals (steal lol)
  4. Thank you!

    You know, some of the SAs at the boutique are amazed at the deals we end up getting at the outlet sometimes! One REALLY wanted the whiskey hippie and couldn't believe the price at the outlet (they're almost gone there).

    Of course, I still buy some stuff at the boutique b/c I've waited too many times for a bag I love only to have it disappear forever (except on eBay for an exhorbitant price).
  5. awesome stuff!! i want to go to the outlet SO bad this weekend but i can't find anyone who will go with me :sad:
  6. Sister, go solo and have a great time!:yahoo:
  7. I'll go with you! I live in San Antonio. Anyone here live in San Antonio? Let me know if you want to have a Coach shopping get together or just a "purse show and tell." That would be so fun!!
  8. its an hour and a half drive through the middle of nowhere.... and if i go solo, my credit card won't like me so much. i need someone to stop me and tell me no!

    i'm going next weekend though with my brother's fiance (to buy her first coach bag!:wlae:)
  9. haha i'm in CT so that would be pretty hard :smile:
  10. Love the pouch and accessories!! I'm sooooo tempted to make the drive to Nashville this weekend.....
  11. :beach: and :drinks: for those of us who are banned or broke!!!
  12. Great finds, T-mama!
    They had those at our outlet too!
    Like T-mama said, they won't last long!

    I posted my finds on the outlet thread tacked to the top!
  13. OOOhhhhhh......super cute stuff!!!!
  14. I heard outlets calling me name this weekend. Have lots of homework to do for school. If I get it done, I may reward myself. Yipeeeee, gotta go to work!!
  15. I want the mini skinny, too cute. Congrats!
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