Happy Lunar New Year & V-day to me!

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  1. I found this at a consignment store and the condition was almost like new. Obviously I wouldn't have the chance to get it pre-authenticated before I took the plunge but I seriously stretch my brain to remember all the pointers I've picked up here & there.


    I'm now back to the MiuMiu Club..

  2. Peek-a-boo.. or is it more like "cat-out-of-a-bag"?

  3. FULL MONTY.. My new-to-me Vitello Lux Shopper in Demin Blue.

  4. congrats hon!!! She looks beautiful!!! :yahoo: such a great valentine's day & new year's gift for yourself!
  5. These are what I've checked. What do you think?

    Attached Files:

  6. Amazing! It's a :tup:
  7. Oh wow! and you found it at a consignment store? but it's a new color! wow!! Congrats Juzluvpink!!!
  8. I know! Amazing isn't it? E original owner bot this in Oct09. There is really hardly any wear on e bag! It's ok. Ms denim will get more love from me!

  9. Thanks kiki. U r e best!

  10. Nice color and it's definitely a good find in a consignment store!
  11. a good buy! nice bag!
  12. amazing~~~!!
    congrats! simply LOVE the colour!
  13. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  14. congrats on your find and happy cny!
  15. Gorgeous purchase!