Happy little reveal....

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  1. Em....This is the last one before my ban! I am going to have a ban!!!! I feel quite guilty about keep buying this luxury things...so......

    Anyway...have a guest?????

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  2. Small Margaret purse?

  3. NO NO...I hope you will not get disappointment when you know the truth.......
  4. I'm stumped. The box is too deep to be one of the little mirrors. Hmmm...
  5. HERE WE GO......

    French purse.....chocolate:yahoo:
    Love it!!!!!!!! IT can fit lots of things in!!!!!

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  6. Ooh lovely Monlayoo! You will enjoy using that beautiful purse so much - congrats!
  7. Thanks!! It's gorgeous! I love it from the first sight, finally got something that I love very much!!!!
  8. Ohhh lovely! :biggrin: It looks so nice and grainy, yum yum. Congrats!
  9. Do you call Lichi-leather????? HAHHAHA
  10. Oooh it's so lovely! I'm tres jealous. Congrats :smile:
  11. Here are more pics!!! ( A bit difficult taking pics night time....)
    I am amazed about how many things it can fit in!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. very classic- and great photos too- congrats- like that a lot!!
  13. That looks gorgeous! Congratulations.
  14. Congrats, a friend of mine has that Purse, it's beautiful and practical. Enjoy !
  15. Yeah!!! It's a lovely purse.....I am so happy..happy..