Happy Labour's Day Everyone!

  1. Today is May 1!! Happy Labour's Day to Everyone who has a job right now! :biggrin:
  2. It's not a holiday in US.
  3. Happy to you too ;)

    Its a holiday back in my country but we don't really celebrate it since we live in the U.S now.
  4. Is this a HK holiday? If so, happy to you too!
  5. Labor Day for us is in September (the first Monday)
  6. Yes! It's a holiday here in Hong Kong and as well in Philippines! How come it's not a holiday there in U.S.?
  7. Unfortunately, I have to go to work to pay my debts. LOL. So it's like no labour day for me. :sad:
  8. It's a holiday here in Singapore as well :smile:
  9. Happy Labor Day or Worker's Day or whatever it's called wherever you are!

    (I think the US is the only country that doesn't celebrate it. Here there is one called Labor Day in September)
  10. The news said that the labor's day started in Chicago... :smile:
  11. Then how come there's no holiday in USA?