Happy Holidays!

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  1. Here are photos of my new purchases...earrings, and two bags! WOOOHOOO!:woohoo:
    Sorry about the outfit not matching...too cold in my room to change clothes to match.
    camel.jpg red.jpg earrings2.jpg
  2. LOVE THEM ...congrats and happy holidays
  3. Congrats! The red is to die for!!! Happy Holidays!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Congrats! Love them all! esp. the red
  6. great choices!
  7. NiCe!!!!!
  8. where did you find this red flap? i like the red...

    Congrats and happy holiday
  9. Love them all and especially the red flap.
  10. Congrats and same question?????:graucho: where did you find the red one???
  11. Nice!!! :drool: I love the red flap too!!!
  12. Beautiful red flap, perfect for the holidays.
  13. Really nice! Love both bags and of course the earrings!!! congrats!
  14. Congrats!
  15. Thank you for all of the lovely comments. I found the red flap at Duet in Livingston NJ, the best consignment shop for designer goods in the universe! Lynn, the owner, has been scouting out for a red bag for me for two years!!!!! Last week she phoned, got one in. I was so happy I also purchased the camel one too. It was a miracle--have a Chanel coat with red trim and have been searching for bag for ever, it seems! Her shop is the best around, and she has the largest selection of Hermes bags around (for those of you who are also interested in those). I am purchasing a Kelly from her tomorrow.