Happy Holidays!

  1. I'm excited about the fall season, and I was thinking it would be a great idea to make a holiday thread. Hermes enthusiasts could show off their treasures by theme. Let's make this the "Bitten by Hermes" thread to celebrate Halloween. PF members can show off their decorated possessions. Unfortunately, I only have a scarf,:crybaby: but I'm waiting for that magic phone call from the Houston Hermes boutique to snatch up my first Birkin. The best thing is it will only take me 22 minutes to get there. Enjoy the season!
  2. Here's my contribution. It's small but festive.
  3. very cute! I didn't get it at first (I'm not that quick):shame:
  4. Twilly & Jack - how cute!
  5. That's so cute! I'm really excited about fall too. :yahoo:
  6. i wore cords and boots today. love fall!
  7. I Love Fall Clothes....It's Still So Hot Here In SE Alaska Or SE Of Alaska LOL.....I'm Still Not Use To It
  8. We Have All Kinds Of Decorations For The Jewish High Holidays (Especially Made By My Favorite Boy In Pre-K...Yes! My Son)....I'll Have To Post Some Pictures

    I Look Forward To Halloween:yes: Soooo Fun
  9. Gorgeous twilly! It looks good on mr. pumpkin!