Happy Holidays to tPF from Rufus!!

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. So cute! Happy Christmas to Rufus and you!
  3. That's cute! How long did Rufus let you keep those antlers on his head LOL? Happy holidays, Rufus:biggrin: !
  4. Back at ya' from Griffer!

  5. OMG soooo cute!!! I wanted to dress my dog up in blue for chanukah but she wouldn't have worn it.
  6. thank you passerby, boxermom, hmwe, and shushopn!

    boxermom - a mere 2 mins. that's how long I was able to keep the treat in my hand before he came after it (the second pic is of him in action, HAHA)

    hmwe - OMG Griffer is darlin' in his hat!! what a gorgeous baby!

    shushopn - tempt her with a little treat? haha but yea, Rufus refuses to let me put anything on him for more than 4 mins.
  7. OMG these doggies look so great!! I hope there is something special under the tree for them..
  8. ^ you bet Jody! My little one is going to be getting a late xmas present since I'll be in vegas for Christmas but I'm planning on getting him a big box of treats and squeaky rubber toys
  9. That's great Jen! Casey (the red doxie) is getting treats and chew toys and Millie (black) is getting the cutiest pink sweater and some chew treats. I can't wait...
  10. ADORABLE pictures!!!! I will have to try to put something on nitro!
  11. Oh Happy Holidays to you, and Rufus! He is adorable! We try putting a Santa hat to our 2 dogs and they didn't let us do it!
  12. Jody, what great presents!! Are you going to put the gifts in a box for Casey and Millie to tear open?

    Megs - thank you and yes, try it. Nitro would look adorable in a Santa hat or antlers!

    Impsola - thank you! Yea, I think this was semi-comfortable for Rufus so he didnt mind but when we put shoes on him, he threw a fit and ignored us:roflmfao:
  13. Happy holidays, Rufus!!

    Love Couturgrl's owners,

    Carmen and Bentley

  14. Cute pics!!LOL..If I tried to put anything on my pups head..hed just EAT IT!!ROFL...Hes soooo BAD!(but totally adorable,hee!HEE!)
  15. Awww how cute!!! He is adorable.... Happy Holidays to you and Rufus also!