Happy Holidays to my beloved BV addicts =)

  1. :heart:Just want to wish everyone happy holidays here!:heart:

    Thank you for making my year here in the BV subforum so special. i have gained knowledge regarding BV, life and how to appreciate fine things. Thank you for your friendship, support and kind wishes. Whether it's regarding my pregnancy, newborn or BV, this is always the first place i want to share because i know you all are just excited as i am and i thank you all for that. :love:

    for those who have lost loved ones-may them rest in peace and they will be in our prayers. for those who have wishes they have not fulfilled yet-the day will come and it will be even sweeter after all the wait. for those who have loved ones in the foreign land-i hope they can come home for the holidays and they will return safely soon. for those who have a new bag in mind that they haven't gotten, there is always next year. :lol:

    best wishes you guys and more BV to come in 2008 for everyone!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Such a lovely message Catabie! :heart:

    Just want to also greet everyone a WONDERFUL holiday season. Thanks for making this such a terrific place in which to indulge our love for Bottega Veneta.

    I wish everyone peace, fun, love, laughter, happiness and even more beautiful bags in 2008.:love:
  3. I agree - this is a terrific place with such generous and warm hearted members. Best of the season to everyone, whether it's Christmas, or enjoying a break from all the hectic activities of daily life.... and a new year filled with joy, peace and coming one step closer to the things your heart desires!
  4. The best of everything to you, catabie, and everyone else here on the BV subforum. Happy holidays!!!

    We're an oasis of calm on tPF--of course we get excited about everyone's new purchases and the new styles, but there has always been respect for one another here. I love that and I love everyone here.
  5. ^^^ What lovely posts :love:

    Happy Holidays everyone!!! :yahoo:
  6. Beautiful words, ladies! Best wishes for you all!!!
  7. I just got internet access back after 5 days due to moving! Happy Holidays to all my BV brothers and sisters and thanks to all for making this such a caring place.
  8. BV board is my home away from home. I treasure all the friendships, sharing and camaraderie. You gals and guys are simply the BEST!! :drinkup:

    To all the sweet sweet people here - a blessed Christmas and happy holidays to you!

    Wishing all your dreams and wishes come true. Love you all. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. you all are the sweetest!! i love this forum and i love the BV subforum even more!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! :heart:
  10. Oh, guys and gals, I got nothing left to say. I will only chime in and spread the word about how wonderfully intimate and cozy our BV subforum is!

    Happy holidays to all of you, my virtual friends out there!
  11. Couldn't agree more with what everyone else has said - you guys are so friendly and open to accepting new people. I'm so glad I found you guys and that I have you all to share my relatively newfound BV obsession with - since besides my DH I don't think anyone else around me "gets" it, which is why it is especially great to have you all here!!:tup:
  12. great thread catabie and everyone else to a happy and healthy new year!
  13. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has contributed to my PF addiction, without whom, the experience wouldn't as FABULOUS!!!

    Blessed Christmas, everyone!! :drinkup:
  14. happy holidays everyone :smile:
  15. Happy Holidays and a wonderful and prosperous New Year to my tPFer BV family! Love you all!