Happy Holidays The Joy Of Giving

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  1. hey, i think im the only male here on this forum haha but anyways i was wondering if there is a discount on LV bags or if anyone can sell me a Dark Mini Pochette for less then retail..Eluxuary is currently out of stock and i am trying to purchase this item for a christmas present.. so any help would be very helpful.

    Located in NYC midtown/westside/downtown/queens/brooklyn
    Will pay cash on spot if anyone is selling the Mini Pochette.
    New Jersey/ Long Island will be consider.

    need it by christmas. thanks happy holidays buddys ;]

    dav 347 865 8192 call me! :yahoo: :wlae:
  2. I think you should have read the rules before posting this...

    There is no selling/soliciting/trading here on the PF.
  3. will it get erase? haha
  4. This is not a selling forum.
  5. No selling or trading on this forum. Mod. rules.
  6. wowser putting my flame suit on now. im getting bashed like theres no tomorrow. haha!!!
  7. Well if you would have abided by the rules, you wouldn't have to hear all of this. ;)
  8. honestly boys dont read instrustion..we just do it!! its boring to live life like that..
  9. ^ there are quite a few handful of guys on here too..

    and i always read instructions. you face consequences (obviously like now) if you don't.

    and according to where you life, there should be a few places (aka boutiques) to purchase the bag for christmas.

    and you technically still have 6-7 days of shopping left..
  10. Ah he´s just a troll I believe.
  11. well happy holiday to u too ('',)
  12. The Mini Pochette is readily available at many of the LV stores. I suggest calling the 866 number and have them locate one at a store that is accessible to you.
  13. maybe you should edit your posting to remove your phone number.
  14. NO!!! Lets call him...j/k
    Seriously ...there are several KICKASS Lv stores in NY...why give a used gift anyway?

  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: One ringy dingy.. two ringy dingy