Happy Holidays The Joy Of Giving

hey, i think im the only male here on this forum haha but anyways i was wondering if there is a discount on LV bags or if anyone can sell me a Dark Mini Pochette for less then retail..Eluxuary is currently out of stock and i am trying to purchase this item for a christmas present.. so any help would be very helpful.

Located in NYC midtown/westside/downtown/queens/brooklyn
Will pay cash on spot if anyone is selling the Mini Pochette.
New Jersey/ Long Island will be consider.

need it by christmas. thanks happy holidays buddys ;]

dav 347 865 8192 call me! :yahoo: :wlae:
^ there are quite a few handful of guys on here too..

and i always read instructions. you face consequences (obviously like now) if you don't.

and according to where you life, there should be a few places (aka boutiques) to purchase the bag for christmas.

and you technically still have 6-7 days of shopping left..