Happy Holidays Everyone! =)

  1. Hey everyone!!!!! I'm going home tomorrow until the 30th.....(I had my lovely new bag sent to my mom and dad's...hehehe....I wasn't waiting!) so this will be the last time I log in until probably the 27th after my bag arrives.....so I just wanted to say...

    Happy Holidays Everyone!!!! Stay safe and take care!!! Enjoy your time w/ your families and maybe new additions? lol!!!


    Your Fellow Coachie,
  2. Have a wonderful happy holiday Latiero85!!! Enjoy your great time with your family!! Enjoy your new pretty bag.. can't wait to see it when you're back.. I'll miss you!!:heart:
  3. Happy holidays to you too!! I'll be gone, too, but not for as long... I'll be going to Maui tomorrow and coming back right the next day on Christmas. Haha.
  4. Likewise! Have fun!
  5. have a blessed christmas and have fun.
  6. Happy Holidays! Enjoy your trip home :smile:
  7. Merry Christmas (and PLEASE find a way to post pics of your new bag :lol:).!
  8. Happy holidays all !!
  9. Happy Holidays!!
  10. Happy and healthy holidays, everybody!!!


  11. Happy Holidays to everyone on tpf !!
    I hope you all have a safe & wonderful holiday & LOTS of COACH goodies under the tree!!
    I can't wait for the pics!
  12. Merry Christmas to everyone! I'm thrilled because I'm HOME today! I'm a nurse and was scheduled to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Well, I got my name pulled out in a lottery to get Christmas Day off and this morning at 5am they called me to put me "on call" for the day. Doubt I'll get called in now.

    It's the best Christmas ever! I get to be home with my family. My mom is driving over (3 hours away). It will be such a relaxed couple of days. I couldn't be happier!
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has a safe, warm and wonderful holiday! And lots of goodies to share on the Coach forum!
  14. Happy holidays to you too (and to everyone one else here at tPF)! Enjoy time with your family.

    Can't wait to see pictures of your new bag. If you don't mind, take a bunch. I would love to see some real detailed pictures of this bag!!
  15. Have fun... and a very Merry Christmas!!