Happy Holidays! Did Santa leave anything for you under the tree this year? :)

  1. Hi all,

    I thought we could use this thread to post what we received for the Holidays this year.

    My family and I celebrated Christmas Eve last night by going to a children's mass, having a traditional German Christmas dinner at my Grandmother's house, and then exchanging gifts afterwards.

    In Germany, the Christkind visits us instead of Santa Clause :smile:

    So, here's what the Christkind left for us :smile:

    - A Toshiba A210-128 Laptop :nuts: I haven't even had a chance to use it yet I've been so busy!!
    - Some money from family members
    - A fabulous down vest from Eddie Bauer that my aunt in the US sent me
    - Warm fuzzy slipper socks (my absolute favorite for being around the house!)

    - Michael Buble's new CD
    - A trip for the three of us to Switzerland
    - A nice watch
    - A new wallet (he needed it BAD!) with some cash in it ;)

    - Books. Tons and TONS of books!!
    - A new classical music CD
    - Some various wooden and cloth toys (no plastic this year.)
    - Clothes clothes and more clothes!


    I'd say that we had a very humble Christmas this year. Not too many presents since both Bart and I got some big-ticket items :smile: Christmas isn't about the presents anyway!! :heart:
  2. Bag wise I recieved a YSL black muse & a LV keepall 55 :smile: and 2 pairs of Victoria Secret sweat pants, Victoria Secret body splash & lotion, a bunch of Stila makeup, Stila perfume, some MAC brushes and pigments, gift certificate to get my nails done, 'My Sisters Keeper' and 'The Half Moon' books, ferrero roche chocolates, slippers and pjs :smile:

    I'll post pictures later =) I haven't had my boyfriends gifts yet, so there might be more to come :smile:
  3. i got a TV to go on the wall of my room, some vivienne westwood jewellery and perfume, a ton of make up and a thomas pink shirt and cuff links, and loads of other little things. but the best present i got is a bubble machine for the bathroom.
  4. OOO,I got a white YSL satchel,a black Mulberry Annie and a diamond Heidi Klum pendant,loads of Selfridges tokens,some MAC perfume and a delicious nail polish by them called Vintage Vamp,a Mulberry cashmere scarf to come,and a short dark grey checked trench coat with really foxy lapels!!!!! Thanks to my DH I did really well!!!!!!!!!:love::heart:
    bags and stuff 094.JPG bags and stuff 092.JPG bags and stuff 102.JPG
  5. DVDs:
    The Simpsons Movie
    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    Friends, seasons 1 and 2

    Gift Cards:
    Victoria's Secret
    Barnes & Noble


    Nina Ricci gift set
    St. Ives Apricot facial scrub

    Subsciption to Blender Magazine
    Membership to premieres.ca (Canadian equivalent to Netflix)
  6. I got a weekend trip to New York. :yahoo:
  7. from the hubby i got:

    LV Damier 30
    DKNY Delicious Night perfume
    High School musical 2 DVD (lol i love these cheesy movies)
    Nanny Diaries dvd
    Lil miss sunshine tshirt from Junk food
    Lil Miss always falls for Mr. Funny tshirt from Junk food
    gift certificate to my nail salon for fill-in/pedicure
    Target gift card
    Borders giftcard

    from the fam:

    VS giftcard
    2 sets of pjs
    3 dresses
    Ed Hardy hat
    Ed HArdy sneaks
    2 shirts
    2 hoodies
    Angel by Thierry Mugler perfume
    Giada Delaurentis cookbook
    makeup from Fresh & MAC

  8. My DH got me a Breitling Laides Cockpit watch =)))))
    Clarisonic facial brush
    GHD iron
    Gucci by Gucci perfume and lotion
    Philoposhy amazing grace gift set
    Som T-Shirts and a sweater
    Jordin Sparts CD
    Chanel Makeup (Shadow & glossimer)

    From Family
    $100 Maggianos Gift cards
    $75 Sephoria Gift cards
    $50 Outback Gift Card
    Chanel Glossimer
    Philosophy cranberry gift set
    night light =)
  9. I got:
    $1,500 cash
    Gift cards for: movie theater, Bahama Breeze, Saks, Sephora, Starbucks, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, local spa
    a Latico bag
    Smashbox makeup
    Ulta palette
    Rusk hairspray
    Dior perfume
    fancy chocolates (like 5 lbs worth:shocked: lol)
    2 Nick and Nora pajamas
    lcd picture frame
    a pink nonstick frying pan and pink measuring cups/spoons
    leather gloves
    cashmere gloves
    cashmere socks
    Pomegranate scented body stuff
    ...and lots of little stocking stuffers like hair bands and such...

    And the best one-- BF is taking me to Florida for vacation (when we have time) :yahoo:
  10. You got some great gifts. I love Germany. I used to live in Kornwestheim. I miss it there.
  11. There are a few threads that have opened today with the same topic ! I will merge them together.

    Hi Baby Julia !!!:love::heart:
  12. Merry Christmas to all!

    I got some money, gift cards to Macy's so I can get some MAC makeup, lots of clothes for work, perfume, pj pants and a Brown/Brass/Bronze Coach Signature Stripe Tote.

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
  13. This year I received..
    -$250 Banana Republic gift card.
    -$50 Sephora gift card
    -$50 Target gift card.
    -Digital picture frame (love it).
    -Season 7 of Will & Grace.
    -Bath and Bodyworks soaps.
    -AE jeans.
    -Coach key ring.
  14. Money and giftcards..
  15. money(got spring tuiton to pay for) from the family with goodies such as:
    black tall uggs
    konad nail design kit
    nail polishes & case for it
    2 pair gloves
    white chocolate
    eeyore slippers

    & from dbf:
    diamond earrings
    damier speedy 25
    season 1 & 7 king of queens
    bob sinclair cd

    he overdid himself this year, i felt like killing him, but giving him the biggest kiss ever at the same time! i loved it all!