Happy Hobo Family. my ink and cornflower shrugs!!!!

  1. :biggrin: I love UPS (i know, i feel like I have borderline personality disorder, love them one minute, hate them in another) because they brought me my new babies....ink and cornflower shrugs! I stopped breathing for like a minute after eyeing these two colors. I LOVE THEM! :love: Cornflower is absolutely amazing...I've been wanting a cornflower city for the last couple of months, never got it, but am so amazed by this color! very rich compared to my skyblue day. And ink...well, what else do I need to say...!

    Enjoy the pictures! I do want to say that the pictures do not do the colors any justice. As you can see, the shrug leather is VERY different from my skyblue hobo...maybe I should use ranskimmie's massage technique!:lol: also, i wanted you guys to see the size difference between the shrug and day.




  2. Congrats!! That's great that you didn't have to wait all weekend for them :smile:
  3. ooo finally didi... you got it... it's so beautiful... congrats... & thanks for post the pics..
  4. :love: they're SO beautiful! thanks for sharing
  5. oh WOW, the shrug is smaller than the hobo! Would've never guessed! Thanks for sharing that... BTW CONGRATS on your new b-babies :yahoo: LOVE the colors!!!!! YUM!
  6. yay! glad u got them :smile:
  7. i know, i'm sooo happy that I didn't have to wait until Monday, that would have killed me! very beautiful! Next I'll try to post some pictures of them on me.
  8. yea, much smaller but still VERY ROOMY. The day is "flatter" while the shrugs have more "volume" to them.
  9. Congrats! They're beautiful! I didn't know the difference in size so the pics really helped! Thanx!
  10. They are beautiful:biggrin:
  11. Absolutely gorgeous!! Big congrats, your collection is beautiful. Those colors are soooo pretty, Enjoy. I have also officially joined the Bbag club with the arrival of my Origan shrug Whoohoo :yahoo: Oh my, I love her! The smell...the feel of the leather and I love the antique color of the hardware and it does come with a little mirror. I'm afraid this will be a very expensive addiction but we could be addicted to worse things right :biggrin:

  12. christi, welcome to the club! YES, a very very bad addiction. I think I'm done for a couple of months...no more money!

    AND THANKS everyone for their nice comments. I just feel so happy right now.
  13. didi,
    Fantastic pics! Congrats. I think the hobo/shrug comparison shot is helpful, as I have not seen the shrug in person before. Thanks for posting the pics.
  14. Yeah! Congrats! I love them:biggrin:
  15. even though the shrug is smaller, i think it holds ALOT of stuff because it is more 3 dimensionally shaped than the day. it's sorta like a brown paper bag...you know, which length, width, and height. rather than just a flat bag.