Happy Hippo Day!

  1. I got a gold Hippo today! He is SO cute. Here is a picture of him hanging on my new LV bag. My first Hermes piece :love:
  2. Welcome to Hermes! And the hippo is adorable!
  3. Congrats, smallfry! It's adorable. I love the hippo!
  4. He's adorable!! Got a name for him yet?
  5. Congrats!!!! Aren't the hippos the best? :yahoo: He looks great on your LV! :flowers:

    Since I got mine I find myself only looking at bags I can put him on! :lol: So everything has to have gold hw in the future. :shame:
  6. Thanks greentea, serenity, hermesgroupie and crochet! And thanks for the welcome :flowers: No name for him yet...I have to see what comes to me!

    crochet...when I was deciding between silver and gold, I knew gold would look better on my LV, so I know exactly what you mean!!
  7. So cute smallfry!! Welcome to the Hermes side and congrats! I have one also...
  8. One small adorable hippo...one Hermes bag to come!

    Enjoy!!! Love it.
  9. Thanks shoes and kellybag!!
  10. So cute!!!!!!:love:
  11. so cute!!
  12. I would name it "Speedy" Gonzales..:rolleyes: (sorry..I can't tell which LV bag it is hehe..)
  13. I actually got the gold hippo because I knew I wanted to use him on my Speedy. He looks so cute on your Belem. I need to try mine on my Saleya too! :flowers:
  14. yay smallfry!!! aren't the cadenas gorgeous!!!!
  15. Aww.. too cute, happy hippo indeed ! :yes:
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