HAPPY hermes story to tell....

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  1. my hubby and i decided to make a trip to my local H store yesterday to check out the diamond charm necklaces that fellow PF member, Pazt, had recently seen. i invited another fellow PF member, moviegirl, and her hubby to join us for some additional fun. all i have to say is, it was the most amazing 2 hours well spent at H! our wonderful SA informed us on the diff leathers and colors and styles of handbags available and even brought out the leather look book for us. thanks to all the info that we've learned from the wonderful ladies here, NOTHING was foreign to us!! whoohoo!! it was nice though, to see and feel the colors and the textures up close in person. what was more impressive was when moviegirl's hubby was able to point out and name a few of the bags on display!!! (yet he and my hubby both claim to be PHHs! LOL) all in all, it was a fun experience and moviegirl and her hubby are absoulute SWEETHEARTS!! we did not walk out empty-handed though.....i put a black box with GH constance on hold (hubby liked the brown box) and moviegirl's "PHH" bought her a lil' something special!!! afterwards, we invited them to come over to our house for a handbag photo session.... i'll now leave it up to moviegirl to describe her experiences and details of her new acquisition. but here's a sneak peek....meet my BJ kelly's new friend:


    moviegirl: where are u??
  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! WOW! Love both bags and what a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing! I also love the Constance and hope to find one myself!!!!!
  3. Awww so cute!!

    Im glad you had a great time at the H stoer with moveigirl :smile:
  4. thanks shopmom and yorelica!! i'm sure moviegirl will be thrilled to read this!
  5. Nice to hear a "nice" story! Glad you had fun - enjoy that bag!
  6. Pretty bag!
  7. Glad you had fun! The bags are gorgeous and I see the CUTEST little baby in the background!
  8. Beautiful Kellys! Glad you both had a great time.
  9. We needed this today on the forum. LOVE IT!
  10. It's beautiful! Congrats!!!
  11. pbc, that was nice! too bad, i was not in town. DH and i had the pleasure of meeting fobduck and crochetbella! they're awesome! nice to meet yu guys finally!

    we met up in SFO with tresor makati!
  12. What a great new addition!! Congrats! So glad you guys had a great time!
  13. YAY!!! wonderful picture. love love a happy hermes story - we needed that.
  14. thanks model! that's moviegirl's ADORABLE baby boy! it was his first trip to H!

    shopmom: they have a black croc constance WITH DIAMONDS for $90k!!!! YIKES!!!!! the "H" clasp on the constance is quite substantial, so just imagine all those sparkly diamonds......

    pazt: moviegirl and i will have to rendezvous at H with u and ur fabulous bags one day too! they did not have the kelly necklace charm in, but they had a white gold constance completely encrusted with diamonds. soooooooo cute!!!!

    shoes, sarah, amkur, kellybag, pelinaka: thanks for ur kind words. this was moviegirl's first H purchase so i'm sure she'll appreciate all of this!!!

  15. thanks orchids and HH! i figured we all needed something uplifting! we all need to get back to business....buying new H stuff!!!!