Happy Hermes New Year

  1. Happy New Year to my fellow tpf ladies/men of the Jewish faith.
    And to all ...
    May we all be delivered comfort to our soul.
    I am asking for forgiveness if I have unwittingly offended anyone or broke any rules!
    angie:heart: :heart:
  2. Thank you. Shanah Tovah to you too!
  3. L'Shana Tova Tikatevu & have a nice fast
  4. L'Shana Tova to all of you as well! I hope everyone has an easy fast!
  5. Ditto! Hey, whoever gets to break fast first (I guess the eastern most of us) - let us know what you ate. It should satisfy us until we can do the same. LOL! A happy and healthy to all of you and your families.
  6. Happy New Year to my dear friends!!!:flowers: :flowers: Have a wonderful healthy happy and LotsofHermes New year!
  7. Good Yom Tov to you all!
  8. Absolutely a Happy New Year to you all!
  9. Have a good break fast everyone! Another hour to go here.
  10. Ugh! I'm stuffed! We had just the usual treats: lox, whitefish salad, herring, sturgeon with scallion cream cheese and lots of bagels. MIL made a td4 noodle kugel, too. Stuffed.... I hope everyone's fast was easy.
  11. What?! No potato latkes!!!:confused1: Those are my favorite!!!:nuts:
  12. arcangel ~ What A Lovely Thread!!!

    L' Shana Tova

    I Wish You & Your Families ~ A Healthy, Happy (& Hermes Filled) New Year!!!

    :heart: To You All!!! Kara & Family

    ETA: I Already Ate! We Went To My Partners House. Both Our Families Were Here Visting. It Was A Beautifully Catered Spread...Delicious!!! I Didn't Eat Too Much There (Worrying About Everyone Else!)...I Ate A Little More When I Got Home. I Am Now Officially Done Eating For The Night!:yes:
  13. HG, no latkes, but next time MIL makes some, I'll make sure to share with you. MIL makes the best latkes in the tri-state area!
  14. Ninja Sue ~ Sounds Delicious!!!!!!

    My MIL Makes The Greasiest Latkes In The Tri-State Area!!! J/K.....I'm Sure There Are Many Who Could Out Do Her!!!!!

    ***We Should Have A Hermes Hanukkah Party (Before Or After Las Vegas)....Lots Of Latkes For Us All!!!!!!
  15. I can barely move to the keyboard here .... blintzes with wild blueberry sauce, smoked trout cakes with horseradish sauce, TD4 brisket, latkes, sour cream coffee cake, noodle kugel ......

    Oy ... I so need to be rolled into bed! Good wishes for a sweet and happy new year to all -- and many Hermes in the year ahead!! :yahoo: