Happy Hearts!

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  1. I got into Tokidoki when my husband got me a Ciao Ciao Tutti for an anniversary. He knew I love cartoon-y stuff and the lining just happened to be in my favorite color. ^^

    So now I got four bags and maybe more to come.

    ~Ciao Ciao Tutti
    ~Trenino Paradiso
    ~Bella Spiaggia
    ~Corriere Citta Rose
  2. Your hubby has great taste! Tokidoki is always the BEST GIFT!
  3. I started with a Tutti as well, and its addictive...welcome to the club "Broke but stylish" !:heart::party::heart:
  4. same here I also started with the tutti...the Tutti Gioco was my very first toki bag...I wish I started sooner!...
  5. I think that's the best part of Tutti, too! I love the lining color! I wish they had made bags with that color outside the way they made Arancia and Fumo, which are also inside colors on different bags. Purple is not cheap, though, as anybody who's bought decent quality paints and dyes can tell you, which is probably why it's on the one style that has no color outside!
  6. Hi everyone! New Toki bag update!

    I just got a Bambione in Notte (Citta). ^^ Yay!

    Yep, I love purple. Though purple and white together is kinda scary because it could bleed. Ah... just have to be careful with it!
  7. Nice! I like the notte print even if it's a bit plain! I kinda use my notte (citta) dolce as a beat up bag and it doesn't seem to be beaten up at all since it's black and small ^___^

    Congrats on building more of your collection!