Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy!!! Great start to the week!!!


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
I use capacity wristlets as wallets and have 2 that are my fav's. I gravitate towards those with a nice front pocket, and they are kinda hard to come by.

I've wanted the 08' Legacy clutch/wristlet #41850 FOREVER but didn't want to pay $100+ bucks. BOY did I luck out today, and just scored one on the bay for $36 + $10 for s/h. I'm SO EXCITED!!!! It looks to be in good-great used condition, and I already own the matching cosmetic case!!!

I will have a pretty GREAT legacy reveal coming this week...and I don't just mean this wristlet!!!

I've pictured the wristlet below with a stock photo of the cosmetic case I already have.

Now, I need you gal's input. I'd like to be able to use this wristlet pretty often without it getting super dirty. Have any of you gals treated the sateen fabrics with Scotchguard??? I've used it on reg. jaquard but I don't know about this fabric.

Please let me know!!!