happy happy joy joy bag!

  1. So sometime last week, or the week before, I remember logging into tpf really upset at NM for mucking up big time on an order that my friend and I had made during their designer sale, and that I wouldn't be able to get the bag that really caught my eye, both on the website & in the Miu Miu store in Singapore.

    Fast forward to today!

    MIU MIU GOES ON SALE! ALMOST EVERYTHING FOR 40% DISCOUNT!! :nuts::woohoo: The same friend went down during lunch hour, and to both my shock and joy, my darling is on sale! (I'm so glad the clutch I bought was sold out otherwise it would've been on 40% too *gasp*) Whatever additional bonus I'm getting next month has gone to funding my two babies, but I'm so happy!

    Pardon the colour, my mismatched clothes (I'm lounging around at home & comfort means more than matching clothes) & the things in the background.. it's hard to sneak photos when my mom is in the house & probably wondering what on earth I'm doing! So may I present to you, Zoe, my Plisse Shoulder bag!:heart::love:
    P1020704.jpg P1020706.jpg P1020707.jpg
  2. Love your bag!!!:okay:
  3. Congratulations! I love this bag!
    It was meant to be yours, after dealing with the NM mixup!
    Great price too.
  4. Looks like it was meant to be, and gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  5. lilflobowl ...

    Congrats!!! Funny how things just work out sometimes, huh? I'm very happy for you and the bag looks great on you! It's gorgeous. Enjoy. :yes:
  6. Very NICE! I love a happy ending that comes with joy AND a great bag! :smile:
  7. thanks everyone! i'm going to bring Zoe out for an excursion today :p
  8. congrats! looks great on you! have a question for you, is the bag lightweight? i'm thinking of getting satchel one....tia!
  9. yea! not heavy at all! my honest feel is that the satchel bag is probably easier to carrier 'cos the handles are longer. my friend bought that bag & it's a really good size for everyday use ;)

    we're gonna swop bags as and when we want/need to; sure beats us both double spending & having the same collection :graucho:
  10. congrats! i was at the miu miu sale today too, was feeling a bit dejected that i missed out on the prada bow tote in full leather (all sold out in hong kong and here in singapore). then i saw another bag, the bufalo cocco shopper, going for 40 per cent off at miu miu. it was love at first sight, so i immediately grabbed it. happiness :smile:
  11. How tall are you lilflobowl? Have you seen the hobo version? I saw it on the mannequin on NAP and its handle look kinda stiff.
  12. saw the hobo version. it looks very different new vs worn in. it's must softer and not stiff at all after a while. love it !
  13. hey ginger! :smile:

    do you happen to have a pic of you modelling it?

    also, does anyone know how big is the large plisse satchel?
  14. sorry i dont. am thinking of getting it though. perhaps you can pop into the stores to try it out. i do like the zip detailing.
  15. The bag looks great on you -- I love that leather/fold treatment. Enjoy !!