Happy happy birthday to bextasy!!!!

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  1. This is the official party thread for Bex's birthday!!!! [​IMG]
    There are plenty of drinks......

    Tons of house music pumpin (Bex favorite)....

    and lots of dancing!!!

    P.S. We actually will be having two parties. Drunk Bex's party starts anywhere from 1-3am....that is typically when she shows up [​IMG]
  2. I want to say I wish my dear friend Bexy the best birthday ever [​IMG] Hope this is another start to a wonderful year filled with much love, success and happiness! [​IMG]

  3. Thank you from my best friend PinkL :cry::hugs::flowers::smooch:
  4. DB will be here late tonight :Partyhat:
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
  7. happy birthday bex!!!!!

  8. SB!!!!!!!!! happy belated!!!!!!!!! :party::dothewave::party::dothewave:
    can DB pls show up again soon? haven't seen her around much lately. i miss her! :smile:
  9. Me too :true: