Happy Halloween!

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  1. What about all of you? :toung:
  2. I think Nicky looks really cute!

    My sister is gonna dress up as a fairy.

    Me? I'm not in the mood...LOL Maybe after a few drinks. LOL
  3. If i decide to party after work, I'm gonna be a naughty schoolgirl. LOL *wink*wink*
  4. Like I said, Halloween is an excuse to be naughty, sassy, sexy, and of course- on the verge of slutty- but not!!
  5. [​IMG]

    Like I said, Halloween makes women happy. Christina knows what I'm talkin' bout! She's the sexy nurse with her doctor who can make everything better.


    Next we see that Paris is continuing to love the idea of Halloween. Her outfits are huge shocks, but she loves to be a 'slutty _____' (<em>fill in the blank with character</em>).


    How bout a look at the ever cute couple: Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson. Her costume is a bit tame compared to most of the other ladies out there.

    And last but surely not least, is Tyra Banks dressed up as Paris Hilton. I love it!!
  6. hehe whoa cool pics! Happy Halloween all!
  7. Tonight? :lol: I will be your mother-in-law or a bar fly. Then again after those 'few' drinks, I can be 'Your mother-in-law, the barfly.' :amuse:
  8. Dang, Tyra Banks looks hotter than Paris. lol
  9. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson are so cute!