Happy Halloween Everyone!

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    I hope you all enjoy your Halloween:yahoo:

    If you are dressing up it would be great if you post pics:nuts:

    I'm going to be staying home this year and give candy out to the Trick O' Treaters:upsidedown:
  2. Ditto!! :heart:
  3. Have a great halloween everyone and be safe!!!
  4. Thanks!!!! You guys too!!!

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  6. HAPPY HALLOWEEEN from us to! we took the kids for trick or treating earlier this evening and got lots of candy (& sugar rush...hahahahhaha....it's only once a year:rolleyes:).
  7. This was our first house-to-house trick or treat...thinging DS would freak out, he did so great! By the end he was running up to doors, bangin' on them...it was so cute! He said that was the most fun he'd ever had in his whole life!! And he's only 5!!!
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