Happy Halloween!! Check out my pets in costume. :)

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I already posted this in the Animalicious forum but I had to share here too! These are my babies, Coby & Peanut (or aka Dogzilla & Peter Pan). :p
    And they were absolutely miserable while we were taking pictures. LOL.:angel:
  2. hahaha! Both of them look like they're saying "I hate you, mom...." in their heads. Poor kiddos, lmao :smile:
  3. Very cute!
  4. Oooh! How adorable!
  5. omg so cute!!!
  6. I could never do that to my dogs. I would lose a finger.
  7. Ahh I love it! So adorable!
  8. Too cute for words...
  9. Your pets are currently planning their escape plan!
  10. OMG!!! They are SO cute! I can hear Coby said "Mom, why did you do this to me?!", and Peanut is saying "What am going to do? My friends are going to laugh at me..."

    They are so adorable!!!
  11. aww... They are too cute.
  12. They are adorable... they are both trying to find the number to the cruelty society as we speak!!! HaaHaaaaa:p
  13. awwww! too cute! .. my dog is going to be a pumpkin this year! it's an adorable little costume .. and she totally gives me that look when i put it on, like "why are u doing this to me, mom!?" haha!

    your doggies are ADORABLE!

  14. ^^^LMAO. THis is too cute!!! They look just as happy as my parent's puppy when they dressed her as a clown....

    Your babies are sooo cute!!! Thanks for the post! Made me smile!:smile:
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  15. please visit her thread in Animalicious, I am closing this one as we don't allow anyone to post duplicate threads.

    They're adorable!:yes:
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