~*~Happy Friday~*~

  1. Happy Friday Everyone!!! What do ya'll have planned for this weekend? :supacool:

    My girls have plans,,,they both have outings with their groups from church. Other than that, not much!!

  2. Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm hopefully picking up a new Chanel bag today! :choochoo:
  3. Going to work the pre-season Charlotte Checkers (hockey) game tomorrow. I'm getting back into the plus-minus chair after a lot of years of not doing it. Gulp!:wtf:

    I just hope the table is far enough off the ice. I'm not in the mood for a hockey puck in the head. :roflmfao:
  4. Happy Friday!!

    I'm going to see the play "Wicked" tonight!! :yahoo:

    Tomorrow I'm going to Fearfest (a Halloween event at a local amusement park).

    Sunday I've got a date with my bestfriend to go to the theatre and watch all the horror movies that are playing!!

    Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! :flowers:
  5. This weekend it's practice practice practice for my driving test! So it means test routes, parallel parking and enough reversing around a corner to make me go dizzy!
  6. Happy Friday Pfers :flowers: in my country we say Blessed Friday :smile:
    Joey .. best of Luck .. i know exactly what ur going through

    im staying at home today ... might go out tom :smile:
  7. Good luck Joey!! Let us know how you do! :yes: :yahoo:

    Chloe, what country are you from?:heart:
  8. Tonight, I'm going to the Cirque de Soleil esque play and dinner is provided. Afterwards, I'm hoping we can get our drink on at my favorite dinner place nearby.
    Saturday my friends are making dinner (we made dinner last weekend) and Sunday is football so I'm watching that.
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  9. happy friday! looking forward to relaxing this weekend. hitting my fav boutique with a friend to see some new jeans my SA called me about today. hopefully will get some running in, i've been slacking this week.
  10. tonight hang out at home and enjoy a good movie with my boyfriend;it's pretty gloomy in la right now which is making me super lazy. on saturday watch some amateur muay thai fights with my brother and sunday buy an outfit for a close friends birthday celebration. oh yeah and get some studying done! :yes: have a great weekend everyone.
  11. Happy Friday to all!!!!

    Am going to do a check up on my car then play alittle tennis with my son...then go shopping abit....

    On Sundays...its doing laundry and relaxing wit the family mostly.....:smile:
  12. Well I was all sent for a little shopping spree, but didn't find much :sad:

    DH is still away, so hockey duty for me tomorrow, and then relaxing sunday.....

    Boring, I know
  13. I worked late several days this week, and went in early today, so I left at around 2:30. Dh and I went out for dinner to our favorite Thai place (lamb panang, YUM!) and noew we are taking it easy and will go to bed early, so we can go for a long mountain bike ride on our new tandem tomorrow and sunday.