Happy Friday the 13th!!!!

  1. Make it a lucky one:nuts:
  2. I hate this day-I know it sounds silly to most people-but, one of my grandmother's was very superstitious and though I have been able to not think about most of the other things I have learned from her -this one still bugs me. :wtf:

    Friday the 13th is just not my speed! But, thanks!:nuts:
  3. Yahoo! Hear! Hear! Let's say lucky day!
  4. And a very Happy Friday the 13th to you too.
  5. Totally! It can be only what you make of it:tup:
  6. ahh its my mums birthday today, so im not looking at it as an unlucky day

    mind you, I did get stuck in the carpark earlier, with my ticket not working and a queue of irate drivers behind me lol...............................
  7. Woo hooo! I'm weird....I consider it a LUCKY day...or I keep telling myself that, lol.
  8. I hate this day!!!!!!!! I'm not having a good day at all!
  9. I shuddered when someone told me it was Friday 13th today. *Touch wood* today has been ok......so far.
  10. I didn't even realize it. I've never been superstitious, just another day to me.
  11. I HATE Friday the 13th! Last time, a rock cracked my windshield on the freeway! UGHH!
  12. :wtf:

    I personally think Friday the 13th is LUCKY...but, if that ever happened to be...my thoughts would change with the quickness! lol
  13. And a very happy day to you too! It's only a number.....it's all what you make it!:wlae:
  14. I think my computer does not like Friday the 13th. It's still saying it's the 12th on the calendar.