Happy French Mothers Day

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  1. Happy mothers day to all of the other French mothers out there! :flowers:
  2. And to moms in Sweden, we have our mother's day today as well.
  3. It's not Mother's Day where I am,but I want to wish all the moms in question a very happy day:flowers: .
  4. :heart: Félicitations à toutes les mères en France. Boire le vin et relâcher aujourd'hui! :heart:
  5. Happy Mothers Day, mums are the greatest!
  6. Merci, Roo, J'ai bu un verre de Champagne avec ma fille aujourd'hui!

    Happy mothers day (which has now nearly passed) to the mothers in Sweden, as well! And to all of the mothers in all of the other countries celebrating motherhood today!

  7. Merci pour le lecon en Francais!! I am taking lessons before my next trip in Oct. Trying to pick up some "tourist French" c'est difficile!!!
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