Happy Fix Story - Mick MM Damier Graphite


May 5, 2013
Head in the Clouds/California!
Hi there...So I got a Mick MM in Damier Graphite about a year ago (I am a woman but love the men's collection since I wear black all the time). I never thought I would use a bag so much...I thought I would just use it once a month, but I found myself reaching for it EVERY single day. Didn't have to worry about the weather, or the bag being open. I love it.

Having said that, I stuffed the poor thing everyday and the leather straps on the sides began to tear. When the Mick became too painful to carry because of all the stuff I had in it, I knew I was damaging it...and when I saw the tear I was mad at myself. I told the SA this at LV when I took it in to have it repaired.

NOT ONLY...did they not charge me for the repair, they replaced the entire strap, and both side leather pieces...and they did it in under 4 weeks, so I could take it on vacation with me this year. Seriously, the SA went way above and beyond for me. Just love her. She was so sweet and helpful.

Anyway, some shots of Mick MM fix and back in action. Such a perfect bag.


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