Happy Fish/Happy Beach watches

  1. Wondering if anyone owns either of these? I love them in the store but I'm wondering about the durability of the rubber strap, as well as your thoughts on the diamond bezel (love it, but is it overkill?).

  2. I have the Happy Sport(with fish). The rubber band holds up just fine! As a matter of fact, I have every color and switch quite often. I do not have the diamond bezel, but I don't think it's overkill!
  3. I love these! I have the Happy Sport with the fish too..I'm thinking of changing the band though, the rubber isn't my favorite look.
    Also, I think the diamond bezels are pretty, not overkill at all.
  4. OMGosh, what gorgeous watches!!!
  5. these watches are so beautiful!!!
  6. I love any Chopard watch. I think the metal bands look much nicer. I considered getting the happy sport or happy beach. I wondered if the happy beach/fish looked to kid like.
  7. I love these too and think they are fun!
  8. Wow I'd never heard of these until I saw this thread. I've just googled them, and they are gorgeous watches! Anyone mind telling me what sort of price they retail for?
  9. These are beautiful watches....not too crazy about the rubber bands...
  10. *Shameless bump* still wondering about the price, anyone know?
  11. I love Happy Fish!! I have two. Joey the price of Chopard depends on the amt. of diamonds, workmanship and exclusivity of the piece. I believe Happy Fish (rubber strap) start at $4000 but you can get some nice pre-loved ones on eBay and jomashop in the 2k range. Costco also carries a few.

  12. I adore Chopard as well, but I think with the rubber strap they look more for the beach?
  13. Oooo thank for letting me know! I think I'll have to pass on these beauties for now though.
  14. I love these watches. I have always wanted one...thanks for reminding me, OP. lol