Happy Fendi to Me Day!

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  1. I wanted these pretty little shoes when I saw them at Fendi several years ago, but passed them by (and of course, regretted it). Well, a pair in my size finally made its way to me! :yahoo:

  2. Cool shoes!
  3. those are adorable!
  4. I have the same ones! They are awesome!!! I get a ton of compliments on those shoes and they are comfortable! Enjoy them, I do!
  5. ooh cool!! congrats!
  6. Beautiful shoes! :woohoo:
  7. Wow love these shoes..........
  8. Those are soooo cute.Congrats!
  9. I adore those shoes? You will get lots of compliments on them! Where did you find them?
  10. ^^ They came from Ebay.
  11. fun unique shoes! congrats!
  12. Super cool shoes, Congrats! :tup: