Happy Feet?

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  1. I don't draw out reveals so here goes. For anyone interested. 30383 UE/Tan/White/Navy Boar Skin Borough with feet. Lol
    The Boar Skin is a heavier thicker leather but not enough to be heavy. The leather feels pliable like it would wipe up after a spill.

  2. Oooooh!! No way!! Beautiful!!!! I LOVE this bag. Congrats!!!
  3. I have been waiting for this reveal!! Thank you!!
  4. All hail the Borough Queen! :worthy:

    In all seriousness, that is one CLASSY bag! The texture of the leather looks absolutely divine, too. I bet she is happy to be reunited with all her relatives, too! Congrats! :smile:
  5. That is a stunning bag!
  6. Just gorgeous!!! Congrats, great addition!!!
  7. I didnt even see this on the website, great score!

  8. Oh boy! Do I see another b in your future? LOL!
  9. This bag is gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of navy and white and the leather on this looks amazing! Is the HW silver?

    If I compare it to your bracelet/watch, I'm assuming it is silver. I bet it looks super sharp that way!
  10. Beautiful! That leather looks amazing!

  11. No. LOL. Oh heck, maybe!!! These are my colors. But yes, one CAN have too many b's. Will try to resist.
  12. Gorgeous! Congrats on this beautiful bag!
  13. OMG, I just noticed the bracelet! Love it too!
  14. Gorgeous. Love the colors on this bag. And feet. Awesome. Congrats on your latest addition.
  15. Lovely. She will be a classic.