Happy Feet

  1. I was having a bad week and treated myself to these bad boys at Lord and Taylor:

    Paid cash so it's a guilt free treat that won't be ruined when a credit card bill comes (always the best kind!)

  2. Omg!!!!!! Chocolate Feet!!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. :tup: cute!!! me likey :lol: and i totally agree w/ you on the credit card issue~! so true!
  4. Those are sooo cute! Congrats!
  5. Those are Cute ! :supacool:
  6. Super cute and very practical!
  7. Thanks ladies!!!

    I love how they match the chocolate carly which I am using at least 3 times a week lately. The salesman was impressed how well they matched when I went to pay lol.
  8. Wow! those are adorable!!! Congrats!
  9. Wow those are TDF!!
  10. So cute!
  11. Congrats, very cute!
  12. Cute, congrats!!