Happy Fed-Ex Day!

  1. I know this fob is kind of old news but it's new to me!! BF and I were at the mall last weekend and he said he wanted to buy me a charm at the Coach store! I picked out the watermelon but then asked if I could order the Splat frog. They looked it up and ordered it for me! It came today and is so stinkin' cute!! Here's a little pic:heart:

    Funny side note- I am so attuned to the sound of the Fed-Ex truck. I heard it driving down the street and was so sad since my doorbell didn't ring. I looked out the door, then happened to look down and my box was there :wlae: Thought you guys would understand :smile:
  2. He is sooooooooo adorable!!!! And I love your story about the FedEX truck!!!!
  3. Isn't Squishy a hoot?!?! :lol: The cutest one yet, IMO. I :heart:the little fella.
  4. So cute...
  5. Cute fob!
  6. So cute!! I love it!!
  7. So glad you got one! I love mine!:tup:
  8. That little guy is so cute, I think i'm going to have to put him on my wishlist, is his name really splat?... That's kinda sad, lol.
  9. Love the splattered frog -- he's so cute! Congrats!
  10. Oh that is pretty! Man, I love the Fed-Ex man!
  11. Congrats! He's adorable! :love:
  12. No, it's not really splat :p It's just the word I think of when I see him. It's such a cute fob- I almost hate to use it!
  13. That frog is adorable!
  14. Congrats!!! That froggie is so adorable! I'm hoping to see it in person next week when I actually get to go to a Coach store!

    I've always liked frog figurines and have a few of them outside. :yes: Someone once told me that F.R.O.G. is also an acronym for Forever Rely On God and suddenly all my froggies became special to me.
  15. Very cute!

    I'm the same way but with UPS trucks. Before I moved to TX, I used to order tons of stuff from QVC, It got so that I recognized the sound of it coming down the street, and I'd be at the door waiting to open it before the guy even knocked. *L*