Happy Father's Day Nike Golf!

  1. Happy Daddy's Day to my Babies' Daddy....Hope you love your Xbox 360 and the brunch we'll be eating soon. I would've got you a bag so that all the TPF ladies would be jealous, but I guess you'll just have to oogle at the Amarante Reade I got--I am sure you'll look HOT carrying it for me!

    Anyway, sending you a lot of love from me and the kids. You're a wonderful daddy and we're lucky to have you to take care of us!!

  2. Aww how sweet!:tup: Happy father's day Nike Golf!
  3. Happy Dad's day!
  4. Happy Fathers Day!!! :heart:

    How cool is it to have a SO that's on tPF? Hehe. NG is da bomb!!! enjoy the xbox.
  5. Happy Father's day ! :smile: :heart:
  6. That's so awesome! Happy Father's Day Nike Golf (belated). Now if I can get my DH to join, he can search around for my secret hidden hints....hmmmm...this could be a masterful idea...:wlae:

    Haha! =p
  7. Happy Fathers Day - hope you had a good one!:tup: