Happy Father's Day! And he does it again...

  1. On Mother's day, he bought me the Lindy...

    It's Father's Day and DH is in Beijing. Just sent me a phone camera pic of what he bought for me at the H store. If he's happy giving, I am very happy with that.

    I've been keen on the Massai as a shoulder bag, he upped the ante and bought me the Trim Anate. Tassels at the bottom. Very excited and looking forward to see the bag when I meet him in Hong Kong later this month.

    Please share with us your Father's Day stories.
    Image(68).jpg Image(69).jpg
  2. Woohoo! KCLam, you have one of the most varied collections I've seen. Just love it. Rock this bag!
  3. You lucky thing!! Congrats!! :wlae::wlae:
  4. Wow - KCLam... mother's day and father's presents. You lucky thing!
  5. Wow, what a sweet guy!!! Enjoy this beauty.
  6. That looks like so much fun!! Enjoy!!
  7. Ooooh! I look forward to seeing modeling shots later in the month! Congrats.
  8. Thanks a lot guys. I'm eagerly looking forward to trying out this bag.
  9. What a bag! I've never seen one before - please post some modeling pics when you get it. Big congratulations.
  10. ^^ Neither did i.. it looks very interesting!!!

    Congratulations KC Lam!!
  11. This bag does rock...modeling pics please!!!
  12. Cute! :smile: Waiting for modeling pics as well!
  13. What a sweet DH! Happy Father's Day to him!

    Can't wait to see this piece on you!
  14. beautiful!
  15. Wow, what a fab bag!! congrats!!