Happy Ending to my Revolving Door Legacy (I hope!)

  1. I went to the boutique today to return my Leigh (with small pox) with the thought that I'd exchange it for a Ergo Lg Hobo in Plum. This was after I talked myself (3 weeks in a row) out of the Bordeaux Miranda.

    But.. I just couldn't bring myself to get the Ergo. I liked it well enough but they just were just average. I kept thinking that they probably made tons of them & could totally see them making it to the outlets in droves. And I didn't want to 'settle' & end up exchanging it for yet another bag (this would have been #4!)

    But Miranda is a different story... I couldn't take my eyes off of her (yet again!), she was just stunning & the chance of getting one at an outlet would be slim. So I did it... I exchanged the "Revolving Door Legacy bag" for Miranda. :heart:

    I couldn't take her home though. They only had one left & it had a mark on it so they ordered me a new one from JAX. I think this is it girls... I can't see myself wanting to let this lady go!!

    BTW the SA mentioned that they only have about 70 left at JAX & only made 500 in each color (don't know if that was just a sales pitch though - not that she needed to convince me!)

    I promise to take pics when she arrives!
  2. Yay for happy endings!!
  3. Congratulations! The Miranda is beautiful. What color did you get?
  4. ^^Bordeaux:graucho:
  5. ^^ Nice!! I'm sure you'll be very happy together, Tinks!
  6. Congrats! I'm glad you didn't settle (nothing against the large Ergo) because if your heart isn't it, then you shouldn't get it.

    I can't wait to see pics too!
  7. CONGRATS! oh..the revolving door Legacy...LOL.....I think we've all experienced that one time or another. I'm glad you bought the original bag that caught your eye. :tup: First instinct is usually the best! The Bordeaux is beautiful on the Miranda. Can't wait to see pics! ENJOY!
  8. Congratulations! Miranda is gorgeous! I think we've all ended up with bordeaux too. How funny. We all have the same taste. :smile: We rock!