Happy ending to discolored hardware story>

  1. A week ago I noticed the zipper pull on my bolide (palladium) had turned partly yellow. I just got it back from Hermes today - they replaced it, at no charge. I was very appreciative that they could fix it. I thought it was great that they didnt even charge for it.
  2. How wonderful! Glad to hear it is good as new and at no charge. Thanks for the update.
  3. Good news Jedi - I'm glad they fixed it for you and you have your lovely bag back.
  4. Happy you could get this sorted out, and what awesome customer service to do it for free!
  5. That's good to know jedimaster!! Great news!!
  6. Thanks for letting us know!!! Don't you just love a happy ending?
  7. :tup: great news jedimaster!
  8. Thank you for the update, jedimaster. Isn't Hermes great?! If it was any other brands, I don't think there is anything that they can do about it. :tender:
  9. thats great to hear, jedimaster! :smile:
  10. wow.. Thats really great!!.. after all we don't expect less from Hermes!![​IMG]
  11. Yay!!
  12. Thanks for sharing those great news!
  13. That's great to hear- at least something at Hermes is free! :p
  14. Tell me about it. Another brand, XX, my lock tarnished and the SA of brand XX, told me, sorry mdm, try using some anti-tarnish cream and maybe it will be un-tarnished. :sad: I still use that bag (alot) but I won't buy more of brand XX stuff anymore.
  15. Jedimaster: (me doing the Jedi trick) This is excellent news! :woohoo::woohoo: