happy ending to a price adjustment journey!

  1. i'm soooo happy bc i finally spoke with an SA who allowed a price match for the plum elastic quilted stam i just bought last week for $669.90. i heard that it sold for $539.90 from another tpfer so tried that route without any luck. I just found out it went down to $454.90!! that's $200+ difference. I spoke with 2 managers who would not price match even though the purchase was exactly a week ago. Luckily I found an awesome SA as I was looking for a pair of uggs and he price matched it for me. wooohooo so with tax it came to less than $500. i can't wait until i receive it :smile: ;):yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    thanks to everyone on their tips on PMs!
  2. wow! thats an amazing deal!
  3. Wow! You're lucky! I'm not entirely surprised that they wouldn't give you the 1st PA - didn't she say that she got that bag for $554.90 because they put they wrong tag on it? If I remember correctly, the original/sale price were the same as what the Mina was. That's probably why they didn't want to do it originally, but if the bag got marked down further, I don't see how they could deny that PA

    I'm going to check w/my SA tomorrow - if your stam went down to $454.90, I wonder if mine did too - I just bought it last week so it hasn't even been 14 days yet. That would be sweet - to get another $200 back! How did you find out they got marked down again? Keeping my fingers crossed - Congrats!
  4. Sweet!! Congrats to you!!
  5. Wow that is a good deal you got. I wonder if I can also do a PM on mine? Which Nordies did you get the PM from and who was your SA?
  6. Congrats on the PM!!!
  7. WOW! - great shopping tip!!
  8. You got VERY lucky with your PA - some SA didn't know any better! I just talked to my SA & she explained that they can't do PAs on a 3rd markdown becuz that's the "Racked" price - they can only give PAs to the 2nd markdown (the $600+ price) - the next markdown sends the bags to the Nordstroms Rack stores & that's the price they sell at (Mich Ave sent their bags to the Woodfield Rack store but there were NO MJ bags!!). So even tho that Stam was marked down to $454, if there were any left at that price, they would be sent to the Nordstroms Rack & sold at that price - since we already know that Nordstroms has been sold out of the Quilted Elastic Stams for quite some time (except for the occassional return), it's unlikely that any Stams will be sent to Rack stores at that price.

    So you lucked out - good for you :tup:- but chances are no one else will get that lucky:tdown:
  9. good for you! excellent! enjoy your bag and please post pix!
  10. Awesome that you got the PM. You got a great deal.
  11. I called the Nordies from Seattle at Alderwood. I think if it's within 2 weeks you're good to go. They also asked for the receipt to be in person, but I live several hours away, so the manager approved it. I don't remember the name of the SA, but try it! and if one says no, keep trying!
  12. I totally lucked out! the 1st manager was hesitant bc it was sent to the Rack but I was so frustrated bc it was exactly a week ago. The 2nd manager (diff location) said the same thing about no PAs on the 3rd markdown and was very firm. But 3rd times a charm. Keep trying until you find a nice one. I don't understand the inconsistency because some SAs PA or PM over the phone no questions asked and some are very firm with no. I read on another thread that some just don't want to do it. Good luck!

  13. That's awesome princessjacqui. That means you have more money for another bag!!! :tup:
  14. I just called our Nordies here and got the same answer. They won't do a PA on final sale items, plus it should only be within 14 days (I bought mine almost a month ago, plus I can't find my receipt anyway). So you got very lucky there!
  15. yay! exactly what i was thinking. trying to be on a ban, but we'll see......